Thuy Trang - Yellow

A compliation video of former castmates thoughts on Thuy set to Coldplay's Yellow.

Amy Jo Johnson Talks Thuy Trang

A snippet of Amy Jo Johnson's chat with No Pink Spandex where she discusses her late friend, Thuy Trang.

Jason David Frank - September 4, 2012

JDF gives thanks for birthday shoutouts on his official Facebook page and gives a mention to Thuy Trang.

'Push Girls' Share Their Inspiring Outlook

Angela Rockwood, now separated from Dustin Nguyen, discusses with Ellen Degeneres the accident that caused her to be paralyzed (and claimed Thuy Trang's life). Photo from the accident at 0:58.

Angela Rockwood Nguyen

Angela, wife of actor Dustin Nguyen, was a passenger in the same auto accident that claimed Thuy Trang's life. She talks about her recovery from being a quadriplegic.

Thuy Trang memorial news report

Footage taken from Fox 11 News, made available on YouTube courtesy of SirStack.

Thuy Trang in old Scientology Ad

Thuy appears at the 9-second mark and speaks a Vietnamese word.