My name is Chi-Hung Ta, and I founded the Thuy Trang Tribute website in 1997.

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993, I was slightly older than the target audience. But, I watched because of Thuy Trang's portrayal of Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger. I recognized Thuy as being Vietnamese, whose immigrant story matched my own. I wanted to reach out to her, but how to do so?

I built a Geocities webpage for Thuy Trang, making it a destination for her fans. It had a guestbook -- a form where visitors could leave a comment -- and it was there that Thuy's photographer friend, Bruce Heinsius, left an entry. He was an invaluable source of photos, having been the on-set photograph on Power Rangers. I will forever be grateful for Bruce, as he connected me with Thuy directly and enabled me to shine a light upon her.

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Tribute Talk

The fan page was a success! I received positive feedback along with photos and experiences from other fans. I then added a section called Tribute Talk and filled it with conversations carried over from emails and guestbook comments.

I made a site redesign and expanded Tribute Talk by adding Yahoo's message board for all of the fans to converse and form a community. It ended up being a wonderful collective tribute to Thuy! =)

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New Domain

What started as a single page on my personal website had grown to something much larger. Especially after Thuy's death, the fan site really deserved its own place online. So I registered and gave it a brand new look.

The guestbook and forum fizzled out over time. These days, I mainly use the Twitter account (@thuytribute) to keep in touch with fans and share info that is relevant to Thuy's legacy. There is also a Facebook page, but I'm much less active there.

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Power Rangers encounters

Here are my interactions with all the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! =)

Me with David Yost

David Yost - Blue Ranger

David returned to Hamilton Comic Con in 2019, and I wasn't going to miss him twice! He's been kind to me before we even met. Glad we finally connected! =)

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Jason David Frank - Green/White Ranger

JDF came to Toronto for all 4 days of FXC18. I managed to be right in front for his Instagram video of us fans yelling, "It's morphin' time!"

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Amy Jo Johnson - Pink Ranger

I connected with Amy Jo through her Indiegogo projects and helped prepare her photobooks. I will continue to support this talented woman!

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Clear Blue Day by Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson at Fan Expo Canada 2017

Austin St. John - Red Ranger

Austin had just emerged on the convention scene, having spent many years being a paramedic -- a real life hero! Here we are at Hamilton Comic Con in 2014.

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Walter Jones - Black Ranger

Walter seemingly hadn't aged since being on MMPR. Look at us in our matching black and yellow! He later revealed in the panel that he had a crush on Thuy.

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David Yost gives thanks, Sep 2012 & Aug 2016

Out of the blue, David Yost, the original Blue Power Ranger tweeted:

David also gave a shoutout during The Order fundraising campaign: