Tribute Talk (2010)

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June 25, 2010

Our first comment since the relaunch comes from Christopher!

"I used to watch the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the day.  It was shortly before the cast started switching that I was unable to continue because I was going to school and working full time.  Over the years I only hear bits and pieces about the spin-off Power Ranger shows but often talked about and wondered if the originals would ever come to DVD.  Then last night I just happened to be browsing the web and it was then I learned of Thuy's passing.  I still can't believe I didn't learn this nine years ago.  She was my favorite ranger.  There wasn't much I could do but plug in my old Super Nintendo and play the video game as the Yellow Ranger, straight through to the end (except the Megazord levels of course)."

Even though Thuy's passing was in 2001, your experience is not uncommon for former fans of MMPR.  I think it's a shame that a bigger deal wasn't made of the accident, or at least acknowledgment of her death.  I don't know, I just felt like if it were one of the other original Power Rangers actors that died in a similar circumstance, more of the press would acknowledge their life.  Of course, if it happened in this day and age, everyone would be made aware courtesy of Twitter and Facebook.

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