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December 3, 1997

Thuy Trang polaroid photo
photo by Todd Holmes
autographed Thuy Trang photo
photo supplied by Todd Holmes
From Arizona comes a lucky fan, Todd Holmes, who actually got up close and personal with Thuy Trang!

"I had the pleasure of meeting Thuy at a car show Jan. 7 1995 in Phoenix. She was even more beautiful in person, she signed her picture, and we shook hands, and I asked her about her movies she was making. She had blue contacts on, I don't know why, Asian eyes are so beautiful natural."

Remembered the date and everything, eh? Wow, you are so lucky, man! So what did Thuy tell you about her plans for movies? She must've been shooting Crow 2 at the time, right?. Any truth to the Cyberstrike flick that only the Internet seems to know about? So what type of autograph picture was it? Was it Thuy in character? Thuy Trang photos are a definite rarity. Thanks for the message! It's a nice bit of inspiration for us fans who are hopeful in meeting Ms. Trang in the future.

[Updated] March 1, 1998

Thuy Trang car show photo
Photo by David Petkiewicz

Here's what you've all been waiting for! Courtesy of Todd Holmes come rare photos of the lovely Thuy Trang. The photo on the left is a polaroid of Thuy signing her autographed picture for Todd. The actual autographed picture is on the right. The photo on the bottom left is a picture taken from The Arizona Republic newspaper. Once again, I owe a heartfelt thanks to Todd for supplying these pictures. (Todd, if you're reading this, please e-mail me because I can't seem to contact you with your current e-mail address.) I must say, Thuy Trang fans are the best!!

November 23, 1997

Is another Thuy Trang page on the horizon? Check out this message from Saturn X and find out!

"Your page is so so so so so cool. Anyways, Im going to start a Thuy Trang page which will be up by next year... Anyways, keep up the good work on your page. I have it bookmarked already! =]

"Anyways, I saw MK2 and that girl who played Jade sucked. Thuy Trang would have done sooo good for the role. Tell you the truth, Crow 2 sucked. I only rented it for TT. But she did an awesome job and she looked really really good with those contacts on!!!

"I don't like Thuy as much as I did before when I called Saban Entertainment like everday and harassed the publicist (then Nicole Serwin) about Thuy. Hehe... today, I just like to admire her... nothing obsessive..."

Thanks man. I'm really looking forward to your Thuy Trang page! I hope that lots more spring up.

The woman that portrayed Jade was some 6' supermodel from Siberia, I believe. I haven't seen Annihilation yet, so I can't say whether she sucked or not, but Thuy Trang's kinda short and maybe they needed a tall actress instead. Who knows?

As for City of Angels, I think I'm one of the few who've seen this movie without the benefit of seeing the prequel in its entirety. I think a lot of people make comparisons to the movie starring the late Brandon Lee and as a result, there's just no way that the sequel can stand a chance. I thought City of Angels wasn't too bad.

Visually, the sets were really well done as were the special effects. Granted, there was some gratuitous violence and nudity, but I don't think that was the downfall of the movie. There was very little dialogue throughout the film. We don't know anything about Ashe and his son except through flashbacks, which in my opinion, didn't do enough to gain sympathy. I mean, a boy living in that kind of society would smile in amazement at the sound of gun shots, and then run to find the source of the noise? How realistic is that?! Because of the apparent lack of character development, it provided very little basis to the simplistic storyline, and is the reason the movie wasn't great. At the end, I was wondering just who the real villain of the movie was.

[Updated] July 12, 1998

Just as promised, Saturn has indeed created a Thuy Trang page, and in record time! In fact, the two of us have decided to become "brother sites". His page is called the Thuy Trang Homage Studio. What's so great about it? Well, it's the biggest and best collection of Thuy Trang images available on the 'Net. Many of the newer pics you'll see on my site are taken from Saturn's page, so why not take a visit? The two of us now run the web's only Thuy Trang tribute pages!!

[Updated] June 21, 2010

Homage Studio is no longer available. It pointed to a Geocities site, which no longer exists. Worry not though. Most of the pics were actually screencaps, which are now readily available online.

November 16, 1997

This message comes from Paul Fernandez:

"I recently saw The Crow: City of Angels and you are right. Thuy did a very good job as Kali. First of all, she was the only one that did a very good fight scene with Ashe! Heck I loved it! She's also a very good actress... the part I loved was when she sang "Hush Little Baby" to Ashe's son before she finished him off. I also liked the way she looked so calm and serene as she mutilated the tattoo artist's eyes.

"SHE ROCKS!!! Her new contacts look great on her too... I just wish that she'll be given a chance to work on many movies. Heck I even think she'll make a good JADE in that new Mortal Kombat movie, or perhaps that lawyer on Richard Gere's new movie Red Corner ."

Guess what? I just recently saw the movie again for the first time! It was on The Movie Network last night (November 21, 1997), but they did cut out some of the scenes.

You're right Paul, she was the only one who put up a fight, and I liked how Kali said to Ashe, "Do you know how to fight?" prior to their battle. And man, she was lethal, especially considering those heels she had on. Those shoes must've been four or five inches!! Wow, being able to fight in a leather corset AND 4-inch heels. It just took my breath away.

[Spoiler below. Click and drag to view.]

I was so sad though and bent with rage at Ashe when he hurt Kali. I mean, he had already injured her but no, he just HAD to toss her out the window and made Kali suffer the worst death blow of the bunch. I was sorta hoping that Kali would be brought back where'd she get a chance to sing that song to daddy. "Hust little Ashe, please don't cry, Kali's gonna give you eternal life!"

Well, I'm not sure whether or not Thuy has finished her studies yet, but let's hope that her agent gets her some work in more feature films! I forgot just how great a fighter she was since it's been so long since I've seen her in Power Rangers. Although I'm pretty sure she isn't in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation , she'd be perfectly casted for the part of one of the Asian females in what's sure to be at least another sequel. Only problem I see with that, however, is that she may be type casted which would restrict the number of (different) roles she'd be offered. I could picture Thuy in either a dramatic or comedic role.

November 11, 1997

I've reposted this little blurb written by Peter Heimsoth from my guestbook:

"Glad to see there are other Thuy fans out there! I sent a letter to Femme Fatales Magazine after they interviewed her, and it got printed, so I'm happy to have done my bit for advancing her fandom. It's a shame her illustrious career had to take a brief nosedive (Spy Hard??!!!), but I'm sure she'll be back on her feet in no time!"

Hey Peter! You neglected to leave your e-mail so I couldn't personally thank you for signing my guestbook and ask you about your letter. What issue does it appear in? Would it be possible for you to submit your letter here so that we may all hear your insights? It seems that you are quite the Thuy Trang fan yourself. I was wondering if you have any additional info on her that's not posted here that you'd care to share with us?

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