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August 16, 1999

Finally, a comment from a Vietnamese-American female! What does Miss Tran think of Ms. Trang, and the way Asians are portrayed?

"Hey, great job with the page. I've always admired her and wondered why there weren't more Asian actresses/actors out there like her. And to my surprise, there is quite a fanbase for her. Go Thuy!!

"Being Vietnamese American, I was often dissappointed with the lack of Vietnamese acters and even more so when Asians were portrayed poorly. ...she kicks butt! literally and figuratively... She is definitely a great role model for all people, Asian or otherwise. It gives me hope in the entertainment industry that Vietnamese people do a have a place in Hollywood. Hopefully, Thuy will be leading the pack."

Thanks, Miss Tran! You just have to know where to look sometimes, but yep, there are still a loyal bunch of us Thuy Trang fans. And in the near future, I'll be introducing a new feature on the fan site to provide her fans an interactive forum. Visit back often for more info!

Truth is, there have been a small number of Vietnamese actors before Thuy came on the scene -- the first name that comes to mind is Dustin Nguyen of 21 Jump Street fame. After Thuy, however, there haven't been too many . . . at least none that I can immediately recall.

Unfortunately, this season's batch of new TV series is seriously lacking in terms of minorities. I do hope the TV networks do something about this, but not at the expense of having stereotypical roles. Fortunately, shows like Relic Hunter feature an Asian female, Tia Carrere, in the lead role (along with a dorky Hugh Grant like side-kick).

January 27, 1999

The first letter of 1999 is a thank-you note from a "mature" fan, Eva Beckwith!

"I meant to send you a thank you note last December, and when I saw your post on the AFPR about your web site, I thought I would take this opportunity to do so.

"First, I want to thank you for such a really nice web site to Ms. Trang. I thought that her character of Trini added a beautifully clear philosophical note to the first PR gang, one that has never really been emulated since. It would be so wonderful to see her in other performances. The web site itself is so well laid out graphically and easy to read, too!

"Second, her own life story is so amazing, someone should make a movie out of that! I'm an older fan (much older!), I remember the 70's very clearly, and sometimes very painfully.

"Anyway, so your post of Ms. Trang's birthday was one of the catalysts that made me decide -- after a year and a half of lurking -- to start posting myself (very occasionally) on the NG and also seeing about putting some positive energy into the universe of the internet.

"Got my fingers crossed that Thuy's career will go where ever her dreams lead her -- hopefully that means the rest of us may get a chance to see her perform again!"

Wow, my very first fan mail! Okay, so it's not exactly a fan mail for me, but it still gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But honestly, it is satisfying to know my work with the fan site is appreciated. And truth be known, the Thuy Trang Tribute was created for the fans as much as the actress that it pays homage to. So thanks for your kind words, Eva!

I'm not sure how well Hollywood would adapt a movie about Thuy's life story, but I'm sure many people would be interested in an autobiography! But Thuy's still quite young, and has many glorious years ahead of her to start writing one now. Hey, maybe I might even be mentioned if she were to write one! :)

With a little luck, we will see Thuy again. As soon as I hear anything, you (meaning my visitors) will be the first to find out! Be sure to check back every so often 'cause you never know...

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